The calories per meal below can be adjusted depending on client requirement. Meals can be customized depending on dislikes and allergens.
Note: Depending on availability of ingredients and occasion, the menu above is subject to change or substitution without prior notice.
Prices and Promos
Weekly and monthly healthy meal plans with reasonable prices are available for you in Bahrain! Using fresh ingredients, we provide calorie-controlled, protein-rich, nutrient-dense superfoods with free delivery in Bahrain. Indulge in our American & Mexican Sundays, Asian Mondays, French & Italian Tuesdays, Fusion & Continental Wednesdays, Anything Can Happen Thursdays, and Mediterranean & Caribbean Saturdays.
We aim to be the best healthy meal and diet food restaurant in Bahrain with reasonable prices. Our mission is to prepare and deliver tasty healthy meals through our ninja cooking way to help you achieve your fitness goals.
Menu per cuisine
American & Mexican
Crack Chicken Stuffed Baked Potatoes | Cobb Salad | Chicken Quesadillas | Southern Summer Salad | Burger Steak | Waldorf Salad | Pollo Asado| Cajun Chicken Breast Salad
Japanese Crumbed Chicken Katsu | Chicken Malai Boti Salad | Beetroot Rice Pulao with Tikka | Chicken Teriyaki Salad | Orange Chicken | Char Kway Teow Noodles | Beef Rendang | Korean BBQ Kebab with Lettuce
French & Italian
Creamy Tuscan Chicken | Roasted Beet - Citrus Salad | Chicken Spinach Pesto Spaghetti | Roasted Sweet Potato Salad in Honey Lemon Dressing w/ Chicken | Pasta Bolognese | Crumbed Feta Cheese Tomato Salad with Grilled Chicken | Baked Fish with Lemon Cream Sauce | Big Italian Salad​​​​​​​
Fusion & Continental
Miso Tuna/Chicken Mornay | Pad Thai Quinoa Bowl | Chipotle Chicken Pindang | Baja Fish/Chicken Wrap | Hawaiian Style Chicken Katsu | Citrus, Beet, and Arugula Salad with Halloumi Croutons | Mochiko Chicken | American Greek Salad
Mediterranean & Carribean
Bistec Encebollado | Grilled Chicken Kofta | Chicken Souvlaki with Tzatziki | Mediterranean Grilled Chicken Breasts | Jamaican Jerk Chicken | Chicken Arroz con Pollo | Mediterranean Chicken with Olives and Oranges | Pasta Cenere
Anything Can Happen
Every Thursday, our Diet Ninja BH Chef team will prepare a surprise menu for you!
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